Multilingual Learning Community

The theme of the Learning Community is: Diverse Society, Personal Identity

How are people different? What impact does this diversity have on modern society? We will work on answering these questions while discussing how we can create equitable and inclusive environments in a diverse society. At the same time, we will be working on strategies for academic reading, building academic vocabulary, writing from sources, and honing skills as students at the university.

Students in this Learning Community will take 4 courses together in the Fall:

Educ 1100, Human Diversity (3 credits )
This course focuses on the cultural, physical, socially constructed, and psychological differences in people (UMD Course Catalog). You will consider the differing experiences that people have and how these experiences affect their world views. You will engage in dialogue about a variety of topics surrounding diversity while learning to appreciate alternative points of view.

Educ 1302-1, Topics in Academic Reading I (3 credits)

In this course, you will study terminology, build academic vocabulary, practice annotating text, taking notes, and honing strategies for reading and studying in college.

Educ 2301-1, English for Academic Writing (3 credits)
In this course, you will draft and revise formal papers, write summaries and informal responses to readings connected to Human Diversity. You will also work on proofreading and academic style.

UST 1000, UMD Seminar (1 credit )
This course provides an orientation to UMD: exploring the resources available to students on campus.