Undergraduate Degrees

Center for Environmental Education "Fostering environmental sustainability through environmental and outdoor education"

There are several undergraduate options available in the context of outdoor and environmental learning at UMD. These major/minor programs prepare students for professional work in formal and nonformal education settings, with an emphasis on nature-based outdoor recreation, outdoor education methodology, and environmental education. All five programs offer opportunities for students to develop outdoor skills, theory/practice-based understanding, and an awareness of the value of outdoor and environmental education as part of healthy lifestyles and as an avenue for fostering environmental sustainability.

For students aiming to become licensed teachers, but have an interest in outdoor and environmental education, there are EE Concentrations available within the Teaching Earth and Space Science and Teaching Life Science Education Majors, and an OE Concentration within the Physical Education Major. For students majoring in fields other than these, there is a Minor in Environmental and Outdoor Education. And for students wishing to teach primarily in non-classroom settings, there is the Environmental and Outdoor Education Major.

For additional information, please contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator,
Matti Erpestad, 218-726-7333, [email protected]