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Performance Evaluations



Department Head


Submit a completed WORKS generated Annual Activity Report for merit to the Department Head by. Deadline will be determined by your Department Head.  As outlined in Section 202.000-202.400 of the UEA Agreement, also submit to your Department Head tabulated survey results from course evaluations. The Annual Activity Report and your Department Head's recommendation and verification will be placed in your Academic Record File.

Determination of Merit Percentages A final rating for merit distribution is calculated using approved distribution of effort percentages:

  • Tenure track and tenured faculty members are evaluated using 60% for teaching, 30% for research, and 10% for service.
  • Non-regular (contract) faculty are evaluated using 90% for teaching and 10% for service.
You may only indicate an exception on this part of the Annual Activity Report if a signed Request for Change of Merit Percentage form is on file for the current evaluation year. See section 250.400 of the current contract.
If you plan to request a change of merit percentage for the next evaluation year, the Request of Change of Merit Percentage (Word file) must be on file by March 15. Changing the merit percentages is for determination of merit purposes for the evaluation year due to some activity that year such as grant administration and does not represent a change in workload assignment.

Teaching, Research and Professional Productivity, Service/Outreach Sections: Consult your Departmental 7.12 document for items to include in your written summary. Tenured faculty should also consider the Departmental Indices for Post Tenure Review. These documents can be found below.

Summary Statement and Self-Evaluation: Along with your Annual Activity Report and summary of your student evaluations of teaching, also submit a signed copy of the Summary Statement and Self-Evaluation to your Department Head.  For each performance category, you may choose to list new endeavors, innovative instructional development, or use of technology in teaching, research or service. Provide a self-rating using the following scale. A faculty member who is doing well and is meeting expectations should receive a 3. The ratings will generally be in whole numbers (4,3,2,1) but mid ratings (i.e. 3.5, 2.5) may be used. Ratings above 3 signify accomplishments above expectations and 4 signifies extraordinary accomplishment.

Promotion and Tenure and the WORKS report: Tenure-track faculty, or tenured associate professors who plan to seek professor rank, should maintain extensive documentation of the data collected on the Annual Activity Report each year it is submitted. Effective organization and presentation of yearly Annual Activity Report data is critical to the promotion and tenure process.


Department Head Responsibilities

  • Complete a Recommendation and Verification form for each faculty member.
  • Submit copies of the WORKS generated Annual Activities Report, a copy of the student evaluations of teaching, a copy of the Summary Statement and Self-Evaluation, and the Recommendation and Verification forms for each faculty member to the Dean's Office.
  • Complete a Departmental Rating Summary form (Excel file) using individual faculty performance data and submit to the Dean's office.

Before letters of offer for continuing contract faculty members are issued, the department head must meet with the Dean to discuss the following issues regarding renewals.

  • performance data in teaching and service
  • discipline fit for department curriculum
  • workload needs
  • capacity for fulfilling those needs
  • key faculty support (this can be a Leadership Council, Executive Council, or some Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty group.

P & T Form

Promotion and Tenure 7.12 Documents

Procedure for Probationary Faculty Form 25 process

Probationary faculty must submit all materials to the Dean’s Office on the first day of spring semester-Wednesday January 16, 2019 anytime between the hours of 8-4:30. Materials should reflect January 11, 2018 to January 16, 2019. Materials will be placed in your Academic Record File in the Dean’s Office for your department’s tenured faculty to review.

Submitted materials should include:

  1. WORKS Annual Activity Report (WORKS website)
    Please be sure to consider the following questions when drafting your narrative in the WORKS report:
    • A statement about your teaching philosophy and style.
    • Outline your research plan, including your concept of a long-term research agenda.
    • What is your plan for accomplishing your research expectations?
    • Describe how your efforts to integrate your service, research, and teaching will benefit the department and your professional goals.
  2. Current WORKS generated CV.
  3. ONE current course syllabus.
  4. Condensed Item Analysis Report generated from student evaluations. As per faculty course evaluation list and Section 202.000 of the UEA contract (50% of courses).
  5. Scholarly publications from 1/11/18-1/16/19.

Materials should be clipped, not stapled together. Please separate each of the 5 sections by a colored piece of paper.

Form 25- The Form 25 will be completed when you meet with your department head. It will be signed and dated at the meeting. After DH consults with unit’s tenured faculty, DH will provide an appraisal of teaching, research, and service according to Section 7.11 of the Tenure Regulations and the unit’s Section 7.12 statement. The department head will submit the Form 25, signed by both the DH and the probationary member to the Dean’s Office with their comments and/or letter at least one day prior to member’s meeting with the Dean.

Melissa Plante will contact probationary faculty to schedule a one hour meeting with the Dean.  These meetings will take place at the end of January and the month of February.  Faculty will receive an electronic copy of their letter from the Dean in March when all materials are submitted to the EVCAA on March 5, 2019.

*Please note probationary faculty must resubmit their WORKS report for merit in the spring. 

Request for Percentage Change in Determination of Merit