Academic Standing & Holds

Good Academic Standing

To be considered in good academic standing, students must maintain a cumulative University of Minnesota GPA of at least 2.00 or higher. Students' records are reviewed at the end of each term. Students who do not achieve a cumulative UMN 2.00 GPA are placed on academic probation with the potential for suspension if the GPA does not improve. Advisors work with students to monitor academic performance. 

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Holds on your UMD account appear in your MyU as a yellow number at the triangle on the top right of your MyU. Click this to see the title of your hold. Click on the title to see more information about the impact of the hold and who to contact to resolve the hold.

screenshot of 4 icons found in MyU: grey envelope, grey triangle with exclamation point, yellow circle with a 1, and a grey flag

Types of CEHSP Holds

CEHSP Advisor Mtg Required (AMR): This hold prevents registration. Students are required to meet with their academic advisor before this hold is removed. 

Academic Warning (PW): Students whose cumulative UMN GPA is in good academic standing but whose term GPA might not be 2.0 or are not making satisfactory progress have this hold placed on their record. Students should meet with an advisor in the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services Office to discuss this hold. 

Probation (P1, P2, PL3): Students with a cumulative UMN GPA below 2.0 have a probation hold placed on their record requiring the student to meet with an advisor in the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services Office. 

Information on Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid can be found on One Stop.

Academic Suspension

If a student does not achieve a cumulative UMN GPA of 2.0 by the end of their probationary semester, they may be academically suspended. A suspended student may not register for UMN courses for at least two semesters. Students have 24 hours from the official suspension email notification to appeal. CEHSP students are encouraged to contact the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services Office for advisement on the appeal process and future academic plans. 

Returning after Academic Suspension

Students who have been academically suspended are not automatically re-admitted after the mandatory time away. Students must be able to demonstrate that they can succeed within their academic program or that the circumstances causing their academic hardship have changed. Students who elect to continue their academics should reflect on what caused their previous performance. Mental health, physical health, safety, well-being, etc. is the top priority. We want students to be healthy, supported, and ready to succeed when returning to UMD.

  1. Required: CEHSP Request for Re-Enrollment After Academic Suspension
  2. Required: Readmission/Return from Leave of Absence Application
  3. Optional: Students requesting financial aid will be required to file a Student Financial Aid eligibility application with supporting documentation through One Stop Student Services.

Coursework taken outside the University of Minnesota system will be considered.

  • Taking courses elsewhere? Access Transferology to verify how courses will transfer back to UMD; take a screenshot or print the transfer equivalence for your records. Additional information about transferring courses to UMD is available through UMD's One Stop Transfer Credit page.
  • Repeating courses outside the U of MN system? View the UMD policy on Course Repeats (section F) and again consult Transferology. Please note, that only the last grade recorded is used in calculating the University of Minnesota GPA. Only the most recently completed credits can be applied toward graduation requirements.