Advising Model

CEHSP follows an intake advising model. All incoming CEHSP students are placed with a professional academic advisor for either one full year for students who are experiencing their first post-high school higher education experience or for one semester if a student has transferred to UMD from another institution. After this initial intake placement, students are moved to faculty advisors in their major program so that students can be mentored by experts in their field. Undeclared students are advised by a professional advisor until they declare a major at which point they will be transferred to either a professional advisor or a faculty advisor of the major. The Intake Model ensures all students receive proactive and developmentally designed advising from transition into CEHSP through graduation. 

UMD Academic Advising Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students know and understand their talents, values, and interests.
  2. Students use information from credible sources in making decisions.
  3. Students effectively craft and revise education goals & plans.

Advisor’s Role:

  • Help students clarify their educational values and goals
  • Provide accurate information on educational options, policies, and procedures
  • Provide students guidance toward an academic program in which they can be successful
  • Acquaint you with campus resources that support students’ academic and personal success

Student's Role: 

Learn more about Academic Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Be responsible for scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments
  • Meet with your advisor at least once each term to plan your course schedule for the next term and review your degree requirements. 
  • Seek out information to understand the basic requirements of your degree program. 
  • Take final responsibility for making your own educational decisions.