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MSW student honored for academic excellence and social justice work.

Upward Bound Vision Quest has a long history of helping students break down barriers.

Introducing Jayna, an education student who is helping to craft CEHSP communications.

A UMD researcher offers ways to cope with fear and anxiety about COVID-19.

Opportunity for the public to get outside this fall, contribute to science

During FASD Awareness Month in September, a UMD public health professor shares important information on the topic.

Student research at Boulder Lake has implications for health and the environment.

Collaborative UMN project connecting Indigenous perspective, humanities scholarship, and community in problem-solving for the environment.

College students volunteer at the Steve O’Neil Apartments, bond with children there.

Lea Carr is retiring on September 1 from her position as assistant director of the AILRC after 19 years of service to students at UMD.