Evaluation Process

Evaluation Deadlines

We must receive your request for evaluation (and all application materials) by the deadline in order to be able to process all paperwork for the term indicated.

  • Summer term ‐ April 18 of the prior spring semester
  • Fall semester ‐ May 1 of the prior fall semester
  • Spring Semester ‐ October 15 of the prior fall semester.

STEP 1-Request for Evaluation

  • Complete the Google Form Request for Evaluation
  • Email the following to [email protected]  In the subject of your email please indicate Post Bac Evaluation: First Name Last Name
    • Unofficial transcript(s): send all unofficial transcripts from previous college coursework completed.  Be sure to include transcript that shows Bachelor's degree awarded and cumulative GPA. If you have taken graduate coursework or earned a Master's degree please also include that transcript.
      • If finishing up degree during the semester of application, send current transcript and once degree awarded will need to send another transcript with Bachelor's degree awarded.
    • Current resume, be sure to include any experiences working with youth (paid or volunteer)
    • Completed self-evaluation:  Download the program requirements of the program you are interested in pursuing and note what requirements you think you have met from previous requirements.  Save this document as a word document and email.
    • Current teaching license (if applicable) If you currently hold a MN teaching license or out of state license, email a copy of your license.
  • Mail the following to UMD:  CEHSP Accreditation Office Re: Post Bac Evaluation, 125 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Court, Duluth, MN 55812
    • The $31 check or money order non-refundable processing fee for EACH licensure area to be evaluated, payable to UMD.  Please put CEHSP Post Bac in memo of check or money order.


Once the google form is submitted and all documents are emailed/mailed to the CEHSP Accreditation, Licensure, and Field Experience Office the evaluation process will begin.  The request for evaluation documentation will be forwarded to the faculty content area expert for official evaluation. This process can take up to three weeks.


A final evaluation will come back with coursework that you are required to complete in order to meet licensure requirements. The results will be emailed to you; you must sign and return the contract if you decide to pursue the licensure program.