Application for Admission

SPED Block Applications are now closed

Please check back in September 2024 for information on the next block application window. Contact [email protected] for help with the Tk20 system.

Selection of Candidates

Acceptance into the Special Education: Academic Behavioral Strategist program requires students to submit an application in Tk20.  ALL essential components listed below must be completed correctly and submitted on time in order for the application to be accepted.

Selection Criteria

  • Admitted to the SPED:  ABS Post Bac Program
  • Earned a previous degree
  • 2.7 Cumulative GPA, including transfer credit
  • 2 Letters of Reference
  • Cover letter
  • Completed TK20 Application

Application Components to be uploaded into TK20

In order to better prepare for your application completion we strongly recommend that you collect these documents as soon as possible. All documents must be in electronic format (.pdf, .doc/.docx, .jpg, .png).  The Multimedia Hub in KPlz 173 can assist with scanning physical documents into a digital format.  When the application period opens, you will then be able to upload these files into your application.

Post Post Bac Contract Requirement

  • Post bac contract
    • Highlight any unmet requirements and indicate planned term for completion
  • Unofficial copies of your transcripts from other institutions where coursework is counting towards your post bac contract
  • UMD transcript

Cover Letter

This letter should be professional in nature, signed by you, and describe the reasons that you consider yourself a good candidate for Special Education: Academic Behavioral Strategist. At a minimum, you should address directly each of the essential qualifications, highlighting your strengths in meeting or exceeding these qualifications. You may go beyond this minimum and describe other qualities and skills that you bring as a prospective candidate to the teaching profession. For example, you may include descriptions of experiences which have led you to teaching, qualities you have that apply to being a classroom teacher, philosophical statements describing your ideas about youth or education at this time, etc. Letters that contain spelling and punctuation errors will negatively affect the evaluation of your application.

A signed 1-2 page (single-spaced) letter should be addressed to:

Special Education Admissions
UMD Department of Education
150 EduE
412 Library Drive
Duluth MN 55812-3029

Signed Letter from Supervisor documenting 30 hours

You must be able to verify at least 30 hours of working with pre-college age children or youth (age 18 or younger). To do this, provide a brief signed letter from a supervisor or supervisors indicating that you have performed a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer or paid work with pre-college age children or youth (age 18 or younger). You may choose to have your supervisor also be the person to write a letter of recommendation for you. If this is the case, be sure to have this person indicate in the letter the number of hours that you have worked directly with youth.

Letter of Recommendation

You will need at least 2 Letters of Recommendation from persons that know you well, such as teachers, principals, Directors of Special Education, superintendents (no personal friends or relatives).