What is the edTPA?

The edTeacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) is a national assessment used by teacher preparation programs to gauge the impact the teacher has on student engagement and learning. It is required of all initial licensure candidates in Minnesota. 

edTPA Registration

Registration information will be provided to you at edTPA student meetings. For more information on registration, please contact [email protected].

edTPA Support Meetings

  • edTPA support meetings are designed to create a professional learning community to support teacher candidates in the successful completion of an edTPA during student teaching. 
  • Each program has a designated faculty member that provides edTPA support. 
  • Student teachers are required to attend all edTPA support meetings. 
  • Typical semester meeting schedule: Three, three hour sessions in person and/or on Zoom plus weekly synchronous Zoom meetings.

edTPA Submission and Scoring Requirements

  • Submission of a scorable edTPA is required to pass student teaching at UMD. 
    • A scorable edTPA is one in which a numerical score (1-5) can be assigned to each edTPA rubric. 
    • Submission due date is determined by the UMD Department of Education and is based on the Pearson scoring windows. 
  • Student teachers will build their edTPA portfolio in Tk20 and then transfer their portfolio to Pearson for scoring. 
    • Pearson charges student teachers $270 to score their edTPA. This is a discounted institutional rate because of an agreement Minnesota has with Pearson. The fee is billed through the teacher candidate’s UMD student account. 
    • edTPA Support Faculty and ALFE personnel assist student teachers with Pearson registration via voucher at an in person edTPA Support Meeting.
  • Student teachers will be eligible to receive a grade for student teaching upon verification of edTPA submission and scores. 
    • Note: There are multiple requirements to pass student teaching. All requirements, including edTPA, must be met to receive a grade. 
  • Students participating in International Student Teaching (IST) will work with the IST Coordinator, program edTPA Support Faculty, and their Student Teaching Supervisor to determine completion, due dates, and grading details based on the timing of their IST placement.
  • If a student teacher receives a condition code(s), the student teacher is required to resubmit each condition code task and artifact to Pearson (at the student’s expense). Resubmission = $100/task 
  • At the program level, a minimum of 70% of candidates in each licensure program must achieve the recommended score for each edTPA task in order for the program to meet continuing approval expectations set by PELSB. The minimum scores are:
    • IESE, UECH, & STEP Handbooks (excluding World Language and Culture):
      • Task 1:  Planning [students must achieve a cut score of 13 or higher]
      • Task 2:  Instruction [students must achieve a cut score of a 13 or higher]
      • Task 3:  Assessment [students must achieve a cut score of a 12 or higher]
    • World Language and Culture Handbook:
      • Task 1:  Planning [students must achieve a cut score of 10 or higher]
      • Task 2:  Instruction [students must achieve a cut score of a 13 or higher]
      • Task 3:  Assessment [students must achieve a cut score of a 9 or higher]

Support Forms/Documents

edTPA support materials and forms can be found in the TK20 Document Room.


edTPA Faculty Support Contact Information 

STEP Program edTPA Support Faculty
Erin Pepelnjak
115 EduE
[email protected]

IESE and UECH Program edTPA Support Faculty
Alyssa M. Boardman 
122 EduE
[email protected]