Student Clubs

CEHSP Student Clubs, Organizations, and Associations

Getting involved on campus is a great way for students to network, find friends, and make a difference. Being active in clubs helps students develop skills and discover new hobbies. There are several clubs within the College of Education and Human Service Professions that cater to career and personal interests. 

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2 people canoeing smiling for a photo

The Environmental and Outdoor Education Club is an opportunity for student educators and enthusiasts to build and practice their skills for creating activities, lessons, and connecting people to the outdoors. 

This opportunity isn't only for EOE majors. It's meant to be a gathering space for students across disciplines to expand their appreciation for the natural world. Past meetings have included camping trips at Boulder Lake ELC, campfire cooking, agate hunting, birding, and more.

exercise science club tabling in Kirby with protein shakes

Exercise Science Club is a pre-professional club that provides an educational and supportive environment for all students who are interested. 

The club emphasizes the many benefits of exercise and spreads awareness to students and faculty all across campus. It hosts meetings for students to get to know each other, as well as faculty within the major. 

The club also has multiple postgraduate information seminars for students to learn about all of the unique careers related to the field. These are great opportunities to get involved on campus and prepare students for life after UMD. 

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Members of the public health student group gathered around a tabling booth

The Public Health Student Group (PHSG) is a student-led group comprised of Public Health majors and minors but all students interested in health and wellness are welcome.

Throughout the semester, the PHSG hosts meetings to talk about public health and advising, study together, and meet new people. The group also hosts events such as sunrise socials, hikes, fundraiser events, and more.

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Pete students smiling for a photo while holding a banner

The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Club works with students to promote physical activity, serve the community, and encourage continued physical education.

The club focuses on giving back to the community by participating in volunteer outreach activities, such as collecting food donations for students in need and interacting with local elders in assisted living facilities.

UMD Unified is led by Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) students in partnership with the Special Olympics.

UMD Unified Club members take the plunge

The student club aims to create opportunities for people with and without disabilities to have fun together. The group participates in an annual polar plunge and other outreach activities. 

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members of the communications sciences and disorders club

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Club is open to any student with an interest in speech-language pathology or audiology. 

The club provides experiences in the CSD field through volunteering, fundraising, and community engagement to help students gain knowledge and develop valuable skills.

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UMD EMAE board members in 2020

Education Minnesota Aspiring Educators (EMAE) on the UMD campus works to engage and connect with future educators. EMAE is also an affiliate of the Minnesota Education Association (MEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). 

The club supports future educators through various forms of engagement including bi-weekly club meetings on campus and many opportunities to work/volunteer within local schools. The club offers the opportunity to attend the MEA conference and other education conferences that are free for all MN aspiring educators members. 

Check out EMAE's Instagram page for more information about future meetings and events.

In Psychology Club, there are a variety of activities and events to help students flourish through intellectual and educational pursuits. 

The club is open to psychology majors, minors, and those just interested in psychology. The club provides a space for like-minded individuals to connect, communicate, and collaborate. 

Events may include engaging with the Duluth community, UMD grad students, games, and more. The club assists those looking to join Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology; however, you do not need to be a member of Psi Chi to join the Psychology Club.

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The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Club, or (I/O Psychology Club), is a pre-professional club for students interested in the Industrial/Organizational subfield of psychology. 

The club provides its members with a place to socialize with those of similar interests. It hosts speakers and other activities that prepare students for their futures as graduate students and beyond. 

Find out more on Facebook, or the club activities page.

4 Students holding up plastic bags in front of a sign that reads "you matter resource bags" the bags have self care items and a motivational note. many more lay on a table in front of them.

The ‘YouMatter’ Mental Health Awareness Club is a student-led mental health awareness and suicide prevention organization here at UMD. 

The club advocates for mental health and seeks to end the negative stigma associated with mental illness. They also hope to expand collaborations to work with other student organizations to extend this influence on as many college students as possible and to increase Duluth and UMD community awareness for mental health.

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a group of students smiling for a group photo

The Bachelor of Social Work Student Association (BSWSA) strives to foster connections between students in the UMD Social Work program and those who are interested in the field of social work. 

The club supports the community and its members through various forms of community engagement. It also prioritizes mental health and hosts various mental health nights/activities throughout the duration of the school year.

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