Clinical Training Scholarships

collage of 3 photos with social work students and faculty

The Department received a Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) Grant, awarding $10,000 stipends to selected students during their Final Internship placement from 2017-2021. This Training grant is ending, but a proposal was recently submitted to extend this training opportunity for another 4 years starting August 2021-July 2025.

Students must formally apply to be considered for this opportunity and commit to working in Clinical Social Work practice with children, teens and/or youth and their families in rural or medically underserved communities with an interdisciplinary focus.
Students will be required to complete the internship in an approved clinical setting, and complete coursework related to Interdisciplinary and Clinical Social Work. Students must be accepted into the program and can attend either full or part-time:  the stipend is paid out during Field II training.

We will not receive notification whether we are approved to proceed until June or July 2021. Admitted MSW Students completing their Field II (second year placement) in the upcoming 2021-22 Academic year or as a Summer 2022 block placement will be eligible to apply if we receive the award. Selected HRSA scholars could potentially receive up to $15,000 in tuition support during their Field II placement.

Accepted scholars will be required to complete specific electives, attend meetings and participate in trainings as part of the stipend requirements.

Please check this page periodically for updates. For further questions, please contact Lake Dziengel at [email protected]