Current Students

Once you have been formally admitted or reactivated as a UMD student you are eligible to register for classes.

STEP 1:  Meet with Advisor 

Schedule an appointment with your advisor (faculty evaluator of your contract) to discuss courses that you need to register for and a track for program completion.  

STEP 2:  Register for classes

Post baccalaureate students will always register on the first day of the registration queue each semester. If you do not get access to the registration system on the first day of the queue, contact Advising & Academic Services (218) 726‐7156. You should register within 24 hours of your queue date/time to ensure access to the courses in your contract.

First time registering for classes, review the online registration guide to assist you through the process (sent to you via email once you are formally active). 

STEP 3:  Financial Aid

Students are eligible for financial aid and must complete a FAFSA before applying for aid. A student must register for a minimum of 6 credits per term to be eligible to receive financial aid.

SAP Appeal:

  • Since you are pursuing a post baccalaureate/5th year Licensure program, you will be required to complete a SAP Appeal in order to be eligible for financial aid.
  • The SAP Appeal is required to ensure that you are only taking courses that are required for your remaining requirements to satisfy your licensure area.
  • This process will be flagged during your financial aid process.

STEP 4:  Continue on the Pathway to Licensure

Review contract and meet with your faculty evaluator each semester to ensure you are on track towards program completion.

UMD reserves the right to modify a signed post baccalaureate contract if licensure requirements must be added to meet state‐mandated standards.