Current Students

Current 1st Year MAPS Students

MAPS 2023 Cohort
Front row: Maddie Boutwell, Indira Galeeva, Jasmine Hargrove, Carly Mastrian, Lindzi Campbell, Brianna Wuertz, Ashley Laubach. Back row: Andrew McCarty, Matthew Tappe, Justin Jackson, Luke Pederson, Jared Boots, Brian Clow, Reese Wilcox, Alli Colberg.

Clinical Counseling



Maddie Boutwell
Lindzi Campbell
Brian Clow
Alli Colberg
Reese Wilcox
Carly Mastrian

Jared Boots
Indira Galeeva
Jasmine Hargrove
Justin Jackson
Andrew McCarty

Ashley Laubach
Luke Pederson
Matthew Tappe
Brianna Wuertz


Current 2nd Year MAPS Students

MAPS 2022 Cohort
Front row: John Micevych, Madeleine Hill, Josie Manning, Hope Lindenfelser. Back row: Jillian Anderson, Bailey Pohl, Chloe Backderf, Elizabeth Lee, Adna Hassan, Anna Knighten, Erin Durkee, Lauren Singstock, Callie Coleman.

Clinical Counseling



Elizabeth Lee
Hope Lindenfelser
Chloe Backderf
Callie Coleman
Ana Knighten
John Micevych

Jill Anderson
Erin Durkee
Madeleine Hill
Bailey Pohl
Lauren Singstock

Adna Hassan
Josie Manning


MAPS Graduate Student Representatives

Jill Anderson
Elizabeth Lee

      Jill Anderson (Experimental)     

Elizabeth Lee (Clinical Counseling)

MAPS student reps plan professional development and social events for MAPS students,
provide additional mentorship to 1st year students, poll opinions, and represent students
at MAPS faculty meetings.


MAPS students at UMD hockey game

Graduate Student Association

Josie Manning

Josie Manning (Industrial-Organizational)

We are proud of Josie, who was elected Co-President of the campus-wide Graduate Student Association and represents student interests at Graduate Council meetings and helps plan programming and events for UMD graduate students. This service comes with a small stipend.

Luke Pederson
Matthew Tappe

Luke Pederson (Industrial-Organizational)

Matthew Tappe (Industrial-Organizational)

Luke Pederson and Matthew Tappe serve as MAPS program representatives for the
UMD Graduate Student Association

Graduate Assistant Union

Students with assistantships are further represented through the Graduate Assistant Union.

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