Current & Past Students

Current 1st Year MAPS Students

13 masked Master of Psychological Science students seated and standing in an outdoor setting

Clinical Counseling

Michelle Jecha
Dakota Leget
Chad Lipka
Grace Pegel
Madi Ulrich
Linda Zheng - Plan B: Children Receiving Services at a Community Child Advocacy Center: A Mixed-Method Examination of Early Maladaptive Schemas and Coping Responses.


Ashley Baumann
Brieanna Muzzy
Hannah Pannell
Michelle Perpich
Mariah Ravet


Jay Burditt
Claire Theisen
Bethany Westerberg

Current 2nd Year MAPS Students

2019 MAPS Cohort

Clinical Counseling

Hannah Appleseth - Plan B: Academic Passion - Motivational Goals, Needs, and Passion for Graduate Education:  A Longitudinal Examination of the Prediction of Academic Burnout, Well-being, and Health
Currently interning at the Duluth Family Medicine Clinic

Emily Jansen - Plan B: The Effect of Go/No-Go Training Dosage on Weight Loss, Food Evaluation, and Disinhibition in Overweight and Obese Individuals: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Currently interning at MAP Behavioral Health Clinic

Kimberly Knourek - Plan B: Barriers to Mental Health Services for Children in Low-income, Racial-Ethnic Minority Families
Currently interning at the Human Development Center in Duluth, MN

Elaine Marshall - Plan B: Examination of the Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions on the Wellbeing of Caregivers of Older Adults: A Proposed Meta-Analysis
Currently interning at Essential Medical Center, Health Psychology program in Duluth, MN

Kelly McKnight - Plan B: Experimental Manipulation of Mood States on Judgements of the Working Alliance and Alliance Ruptures
Currently interning at MAPS Behavioral Health in Duluth, MN

Megan Sundstrom - Plan B: The Effects of Adaptive Yoga and Sports Programs on Psychological Wellbeing in Individuals with Disabilities
Currently interning at the Human Development Center in Duluth, MN


Ryan St. Clair - Plan B: Understanding the Relationship Between Internet Gaming Disorder, Impulsivity and Attention Bias

Linlu Sun - Plan B: Musical Training and Improved Cognitive Skills


Abby Imholte

Georgia Jay - Plan B:Examining the Relationship Between Work Demands and Burnout During COVID-19 and the Moderating Effects of Professional Social Support and Psychological Flexibility

Rebecca Lindgren - Plan B: Fairness Perceptions and Reciprocity of Backup Behavior and the Effects on Individual Perceptions of Team Viability, Team Cohesion, and Self-efficacy

Class of 2020 Graduates

2018 MAPS Cohort

Clinical Counseling

Erika Damsgard - Plan B: Methods of Refuting Misconceptions Within a Variety of Domains and The Role of The Backfire Effect: A Randomized Control Trial
Erika accepted a position at her former internship site as a mental health provider at MAP Behavioral Health in Duluth, MN.

Emma Deihl - Plan B: The Blame Game: Reducing Blame Placed on Gender Diverse Victims of HIV through the Experimental Manipulation of Perspective Taking
Currently working as a therapist at Rogers Behavioral Health in Eden Prairie, MN

Urvashi Dixit - Plan B: Understanding Eating Regulation in the Context of Self-Determination Theory
Urvashi accepted a position as a mental health provider at MAP Behavioral Health in Duluth, MN.

Jeremy Jamieson - Plan B: Development and exploratory factor analysis of the trauma-related blame scale
Jeremy accepted a position at his former internship site as a mental health therapist at the Moose Lake Correctional Facility in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

Katelyn Melcher
Katelyn accepted a position as a counselor at Youth Emergency Services and Shelter in Des Moines, Iowa

Summer Nielsen - Plan B: Childhood Anxiety and Caregiver Strain
Summer is currently a therapist at CHI Immanuel’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility


Imane Ait Daoud - Plan B: Attachment Security And Internet Gaming Disorder - The Effect of Stress Susceptibility on the Relationship Between Attachment and Internet Gaming

Erich Eberhardt - Plan B: Evidence of Attentional Bias in Gaming Disorder Using Ocular Imaging

Jim Hasselbrink - Plan B: The Habituation of Evoked Potentials in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Colleen Switt - Plan B: Strengthening Psychological Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills in General Psychology


Kwesi Adjei - Plan B: Examining the Relationship between Diversity Climate, Psychological Safety, and Occupational Self-Efficacy
Kwesi is currently a Ph.D. student at The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

James Clairmont - Plan B: Examining the Dumb Jock Stereotype in the Workplace

Amanda DeLongchamp - Plan B: Crafting Employee Work-Life Balance
Currently working as a Human Resource Consultant at Amy Cell Talent in Ann Arbor Michigan

Jie Yu - Plan B: Abusive Supervision and Burnout: The Moderating Role of Subordinates’ Neuroticism and Time Spent with the Supervisors

Susan Zinno - Plan B: #MeToo: Gender Differences in Outcomes of Sexual Harassment at Work
Susan is currently working as a training coordinator in Kansas City.

Previous MAPS Students

Class of 2020

Clinical Counseling

Kwesi Adjei is a PhD Student at University of Illinois-Champaign

Imani Ait Daoud  is enrolled in a graduate program for psychological assessment at Concordia University, Edmonton, Alberta, CA.  She is applying for the PsyD program at Concordia University.

Ericka Damsgard is working at MAP Behavioral Health Center, as a Clinical Trainee

Emma Deihl is working as a Therapist, at Fraser in Minneapolis

Urvashi Dixit is working at MAP Behavioral Health Center, as a Clinical Trainee

Jeremy Jamieson working at Moose Lake Correctional Center as a Mental Health Professional.

Summer Nielsen is working at CHI Immanuel’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Class of 2019

Clinical Counseling

Riley Berg is a Therapist, at North Homes Mental Health

Erik Dahl is working at Community Mental Health Center, Portland, Oregon

Logan Dwyer

Aliaksandr Kachanaksandr accepted a position as Mental Health Practitioner, Clinical Trainee Alltyr Clinic St. Paul MN.

Hannah McCarthy - Plan B: An Investigation of the Effects of an Intuitive Eating Intervention with University Employees: A Randomized Clinical Trial


Carissa Harvey is a Community Education Program Manager at Partners for Peace, Bangor, Maine.  She is in the PsyD Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Jonathan Rogers - Plan B:  How Malleable Are Beliefs about Traits? Self-Theories About Traits as Motivated Reasoning After Reliving a Negative Self-Conscious Emotion


Lauren Brown - Plan B: Intervening when Ostracism Occurs:  Individual Differences and Psychological Safety as Predictors 
Dallas Capesius - Plan B: Empathetic Expression as a Job Requirement: Empathy as a Moderator of Emotional Labor and Health Outcomes in Employees 
Dallas is currently working as a research analyst at Middle Market and Digital Business Banking at Barlow Research Associates in Minneapolis. 

Maggie Gauer - Plan B: Females Leading Like Males:  When Agentic Female Leaders Perceive Sex-Based Mistreatment 

Dayan Maas - Plan B: Evaluating the Effects of an Intervention to Increase Feedback as a Social Job Resource
Dayan is currently working as a Statistical Research Analyst at Hiebing.

Class of 2018

Clinical Counseling

Josephine Abate
After graduation she joined the Adolescent Depression Research Lab at Twin Cities doing clinical assessments for a study examining self-injurious behaviour in adolescent girls. She now also works as a research coordinator in the Vinogradov Lab on a research project investigating perinatal mental health and cognitive functioning

Eden Broberg - Plan B: Psychopathic personality traits, attention, emotion, and disinhibition: An ERP study of the differential correlates in the Two-Process Theory
Following internship, Eden accepted a position at her internship site, and continues to work as a mental health professional at Birchtree Center.

Brooke Collins
Following graduation, Brooke accepted a position at Arrowhead Psychological Clinic and is working towards her LPCC.

Amy Maslowski - Plan B: Examination of the Effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid Among the Public: A Meta-Analysis
Amy is currently attending a PhD program in Counseling Psychology at the University of North Dakota

Natalie Slaughter - Plan B: A Medical School Educational Intervention to Prevent and Reduce Blaming Trauma Patients
Following graduation, Natalie moved to the Twin cities and accepted a position at Pathfinder.  


Samuel Birkholz - Plan B: Emotion, Motivation, and Stimuli Placement Effects on Procedural Memory Task Performance: Expanding Current Memory Models
Sam is currently attending a PhD program at North Dakota State University in Visual and Cognitive Neuroscience. 

Melinda Dertinger - Plan B: Countering Implicit Gender Stereotypes
Melinda is working as a researcher on the Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team.

Dustyn Leff - Plan B: Attentional Bias to Online Video Gaming Images Using Eye Tracking Technology
Following graduation, was employed as an instructor in the Psychology Department at the University of MN Duluth. He is currently attending medical school at the University of Minnesota.

Philip Peper - Plan B: Associated Correlates of Social Comparison Threat to Working Memory Capacity
Phil is currently working towards his PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Texas Arlington.


Jean Dougherty - Plan B: The Effects of Feedback-Seeking Behavior and Difficult Goals on Task Performance and Task-Induced Stress
Jean is currently employed as a Council Associate with the Colorado Workforce Development Council. 

Allison Haley - Plan B: Applicant reactions to performance review systems: Examining the effects of generational differences and personality traits
Allison accepted a position as a research analyst with Barlow Research Associates. 

David Huntley - Plan B: Exploration of Ergonomic Equipment and Anti-Sedentary Behaviors on Performance and Stress
David is currently working at Terch & Associates as an Associate Consultant.

Katherine Klein - Plan B: The Impact of Origin of Performance Goals on Task Performance and Stress
Kate is currently attending a PhD program in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Central Michigan University. 

Harry Kohn - Plan B: Examining the Relationship Between Psychological Ownership and Knowledge Sharing

Class of 2017


Clinical Counseling

Sara Anderson - Plan B: Binge drinking, binge internet gaming, and binge streaming: Common and specific impulsive trait correlates 
Following graduation was  employed as a mental health practitioner on the mobile crisis response team at the Birch Tree Center.

Katie Axford
Following graduation, Katie was employed as an instructor in the Psychology Department at the University of MN Duluth. She is now currently attending a PhD program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Utah.

Claire Guidinger - Plan B: Appetite Awareness Training as a Weight Gain Prevention Intervention for Young Adult Women: A Randomized Control Trial
Currently attending a PhD program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Oregon.

Sean Hushagen
Following graduation, Sean accepted a position as a school psychologist in the Duluth School District, working towards LPCC licensure.

Rachel Johnson - Plan B: Stress reactivity among LGBT+ participants associated with microaggression experiences
Following graduation, Rachel accepted a position as a Behavioral Researcher at the Center for Health Promotion, National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado.


Clair Anderson - Plan B: The Effects of Coloring and Mindful Audio Work Recovery Techniques on Task Performance, Boredom and Job Satisfaction
Currently employed at CDOT in Process Improvement and Change Management.

Brandon Breuer - Plan B: A Thematic Analysis of Workplace Health Program Participation
Brandon is currently working as an Individual consultant (contract) at ChangePartner, Inc. 

Lauren Engelhart - Plan B: The Dark Triad as a Moderator of the Relationship between Overqualification, Counterproductive Work Behaviors, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Currently employed as a Business Process Consultant at Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Michael Unzen - Plan B: Social networking sites in applicant screening: Attitudes toward filtered profiles
Currently employed as an Organizational Change Analyst at 3M.

Jared Vincent - Plan B: The Effects of Leadership on Performance and Satisfaction Across Virtual Communication Media
Following graduation, Jared was hired as a stop loss support coordinator and Voya Financial


Kaitlyn Moriarty - Plan B: Effects of Acute Psychosocial Stress on Self-Reported Wanting and Liking for High Calorie 
Foods: Role of Body Mass Index 

Class of 2016

2014 Master of Psychology Students seated on steps

Clinical Counseling

Laura Holmberg - Plan B: Relationships between Binge Drinking and Binge Eating with Facets of Impulsivity, Reinforcement Sensitivity and Attentional Bias

Kyle Johannessen
Currently employed at The Hills Youth and Family Services.

Hannah Lammert - Plan B: “The Freshman Fifteen” and Beyond: A Meta-Analysis 
Currently attending Pacific University in their Clinical Psychology PsyD Program, Health Track.

Lauren Vieaux - Plan B: A Brief Appetite Awareness Intervention for Eating and Weight Regulation Among College Freshmen: A Randomized Clinical Trial 


Matt Daly - Plan B: Stepping up UMD Group Health Coaching: A Behavioral Intervention
Currently employed as a Human Capitalist Consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Areanna Lakowske - Plan B: The Influence of Feedback Sequence and a Challenging Goal on Task Performance
Currently employed as a Patient Experience Coordinator at Prevea Health.

Kenzie Raboin - Plan B: Reactions to a continuous feedback intervention in a software company

Alison Shrift - Plan B: Job Hopping Motives: An Extension of the Unfolding Model of Voluntary Employee Turnover

Mike Ward - Plan B: Effects of Framing and Timing on Realistic Job Previews
Currently employed as an HR Coordinator for Casper Construction.

Jessa Youso - Plan B: Workgroup Emotional Climate: Individual Inputs and Group Cohesion


Nathan Young - Plan B: Impulsivity and Risky Decision-Making 
Currently in the Experimental Psychology PhD program at DePaul University.