Teacher Licensure Exams

The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) is responsible for overseeing the teacher testing requirements set forth in Minnesota statute and is continually monitoring and analyzing the testing program. 

Important Announcement Regarding Testing for Teacher Licensure

The Minnesota State Legislature has passed a bill that included a major change to teacher licensure requirements. As of August 1, 2023, the Minnesota Teacher Licensing Exams (MTLE) Content, Pedagogy, and Basic Skills Exams will no longer be required for earning a Minnesota professional teaching license for those who successfully completed a UMD PELSB-approved licensure program, including student teaching or practicum. More information about testing requirements can be found on the PELSB website.

What does this mean?

  • Current Teacher Candidates:
    • If you are currently registered for an MTLE Content, Pedagogy, or Basic Skills Exam (NES), you may cancel them. They are no longer needed for teacher licensure in Minnesota.
  • Program Completers:
    • If you did not apply for your license because you did not attempt or pass the MTLE content or pedagogy exams, but you completed all other program requirements, you may now apply for a Tier 3 license.
    • If you have a Tier 2 license because you did not pass all MTLE content or pedagogy exams, you are now eligible for a Tier 3 license (or Tier 4, if you’ve been teaching for three years). In order to move tiers, you will need to submit an application to PELSB. You may apply online or paper forms can be found on the PELSB website.

edTPA in Minnesota

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment in which student teachers create a portfolio demonstrating their teacher readiness. Each content area has their own handbook, but they all focus on three tasks: Planning, Instruction and Assessment. Submission of a Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) is required for licensure in Minnesota. 

  • Passing Scores in Minnesota:
    • Task 1 - Planning: 13
    • Task 2 - Instruction: 13
    • Task 3 - Assessment: 12

A task-based cut score for fields using handbooks with 13 rubrics would be converted to the World/Classical Languages scale:

  • Passing Scores in Minnesota:
    • Task 1 - Planning: 10
    • Task 2 - Instruction: 13
    • Task 3 - Assessment: 9

For information regarding Minnesota requirements, visit the Minnesota edTPA webpage. For general information, such as candidate resources and webinars, visit the edTPA website.


For questions or concerns, please contact:

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