Public Health Parents

At UMD, we care about our students and strive to form connections and build relationships within our Public Health community. Our faculty and advising staff is always willing to assist your child with any questions or concerns. 

Creating a strong, diverse, and inclusive community for our students and faculty is very important to us. We have 5 key values that guide us in everything that we do:

5 public health values: We are real; we are creative; we are engaged; we are supportive; we are successful

Opportunities for Student Success

We take pride in student success and offer a number of resources to help your child succeed!

  • The College of Education and Human Service Professions offers scholarships annually for students. If your student is interested in applying, please review the Scholarship Application and Information.
  • Public health majors must complete a capstone experience prior to graduating. Capstone experiences include internships or assistantships. This opportunity will give your child real-world experiences before entering the workforce!
  • Study Abroad opportunities are not required for public health students; however, there are a variety of options for students to have a health-care related experience. 
  • Your child has many ways to be involved on campus!
    • The Public Health Student Group is a club on campus for anyone interested in public health related fields! 
    • Search for any activity or group using Bulldog Connect
    • Attend the fall and spring activities fair to learn about more activities offered on campus!

Student Support

We want to support our students in every way possible. We make it our goal to support students throughout their academic journey by promoting health and safety. Check out more information about the services offered for your child

Parent and Family Involvement 

Although our department aims to create a home-away-from-home feel, family and parent involvement and support is always encouraged! 

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  • Graduation   

Check out our Spark page for more information about UMD Public Health!