Tk20 - Department of Education

The Tk20 Assessment System

Our teacher preparation program was reaccredited in 2010 by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and approved by the MN Board of Teaching.  The accreditation review indicated a need for a new assessment system that could support all of the work we need to do for our program’s continuous improvement and to help monitor individual candidate progress toward licensure.

After careful consideration regarding cost and effectiveness, our department selected Tk20 as our assessment system. Many teacher preparation programs are utilizing systems such as Tk20, and several colleges and universities use systems like this campus-wide for student and program assessment. Anyone pursuing a teaching license at UMD will be utilizing the Tk20 system.  There is no additional cost to each student, as CEHSP has agreed to use a portion of the Collegiate Fee to cover the license cost.

Tk20 will greatly improve department efficiency and provide each of our students with the means to more fully engage in their individual progress throughout our program. It allows you to:

  • Build your course and performance artifacts and evidence electronically online. Your artifacts will stay with you so you can use them for years as you enter into your chosen profession. This will be a great benefit to you as you seek to advance in your education career and build your career portfolio over time.
  • Create electronic portfolios for documenting your work for presentation to faculty and prospective employers.
  • Have a fully documented record of your field experiences and student teaching.

Additionally, the Tk20 system helps the faculty serve you better by providing instant data for advising and program improvement.