Psychology Major - On Campus

Admission Requirements

Any student may be admitted to the department as a Pre-psychology major. Students who have completed General Psychology (PSY 1003), have at least 24 total credits, and have a minimum GPA of 2.50 (minimum GPA of 2.0 starting Fall 2024) may declare Psychology as their major.

Students who wish to pursue the B.A.S. degree in psychology may declare the program as their major at any time providing their cumulative GPA is at least 2.00. Students may declare their intent to pursue the degree at the CEHSP´s Student Affairs Office. Progress toward completion of degree requirements is continuously tracked by the UMD Registrar´s APAS system.

Degree Requirements

Overview of degree requirements

Registration and Wait List Information

For some courses, the Department of Psychology maintains online wait-lists through the online registration system. If you are on a wait-list, you will be automatically added to a course when a spot opens up based on the order you got on the list.  Psychology department faculty and staff will not be issuing permission numbers until the beginning of the term. If you want to register for a course that is closed, get on the wait-list. If the wait-list is closed, or there is no wait-list for a closed class, monitor it online to see if a spot opens up.

If you have an extraordinary circumstance that has affected your ability to register you can contact the Department Head or the main Psychology Department Office to discuss your situation.  Note that these extraordinary conditions do not include just wanting to get into a course that is presently closed, or wanting a specific course or section when others are available that would fulfill the same program requirements.

* PSY 3021 &  PSY 3022 are for PSY Majors Only*