Directed Study & Teaching Assistants

Directed Study

Directed Study refers to learning experiences individually arranged between a University undergraduate student and a member of the University faculty for earning academic credit while gaining applied experience in educational or human service setting in the community.

Directed study credit will not be awarded for experience alone, but should be related to the description and analysis of that experience organized with information gained from selected readings and any information from classroom, textbooks, or personal interviews that are appropriate.


Becoming a Teaching Asssistant

What requirements do you need to be a TA?

  • Interest in the position
  • Has a minimum GPA of 2.5 or received a grade of A in the course for which you wish to be a TA
  • Complete a Psy 3989 contract with the faculty member
  • Inquire about possible positions with the instructor of record for the course
  • Individual faculty members may have additional requirements

What benefits do you receive from this position?

  • You can receive credits for this with Directed Instruction (Psy 3989)
  • Great for a resume and looks good on a grad school application
  • You get to know the faculty members which is beneficial when you need a reference letter for grad school

How long is a typical position?

  • 1 credit = 4 hours, maximum of 2 credits per semester

If you're interested in becoming a TA,  contact the Instructor and visit 320 Bohannon Hall for paperwork.

This is position requires confidentiality, ethics and honesty. Teaching assistants are greatly appreciated as they are an integral part of our psychology department and program.