The UMD Psychology Department is honored to recognize several of our students that have received scholarships.

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Scholarship Recipients 2021-2022

Iver Bogen & Jane Maddy Scholarship: Lauren Klomstad, Brianna Wuertz
EW Bohannon Merit Scholarship: Lydia Brezinka, Jacob Harris, Abby Shelby, Samantha Todhunter
Claudia A. Johnson Reaching Higher Scholarship: Kallie Erdmann, Sierra Swenson
Anne S. Tsui Psychology Scholarship: Gavrielle Gunther, Nicholas Kellar
Legacy Scholarship: Halee Zorman
Kamal Gindy Memorial Scholarship: Mariama Mohamed, Kayla Saltis
Tim & Sue Mowbray Scholarship: Alli Colberg

Scholarship Recipients 2020-2021

Psychology Scholarship Fund: Charlene Pimentel
Kamal Gindy Memorial Scholarship: Gentijana Aliu
Iver Bogen & Jane Maddy Scholarship: Rachel Miller
EW Bohannon Merit Scholarship: Carmen Kaelke, Grace Morrisette, Lily Schubitzke, Anna Subialka
Claudia A. Johnson Reaching Higher Scholarship: Naseem Farahid
Legacy Scholarship: Loralie Arvola, Catherine Hoffman, Johnothan Pantoja
Anne S. Tsui Psychology Scholarship: Hannah Lewis

Scholarship Recipients 2019 - 2020

Tim and Sue Mowbray Scholarship: James Hasselbrink
Psychology Scholarship Fund: Tai Mosley
Kamal Gindy Memorial Scholarship: Mariah Werner
Iver Bogen & Jane Maddy Scholarship: Melanie Schuldt
EW Bohannon Merit Scholarship: Michaela Scharmer, Grace Malwitz, Shelby Harmon
Claudia A. Johnson Reaching Higher Scholarship: Shelby Harmon
Legacy Scholarship, MAPS Outstanding Plan B: Summer Nielsen, Emma Deihl
Legacy Scholarship, MAPS Outstanding Professional Contributions: Amanda DeLongchamp

Scholarship Recipients 2018-2019

Psychology Scholarship Fund: Weiyi Liu
Kamal Gindy Memorial Scholarship: Katie Oltz
Iver Bogen & Jane Maddy Scholarship: Lydia Shields, Allison Heitman
EW Bohannon Merit Scholarship: Marina Reese, Delaney Wilder, Carllie Wingen
Claudia A. Johnson Reaching Higher Scholarship: Alisa Schutz
Legacy Scholarship, Undergraduate: Natalie Shutter
Legacy Scholarship, MAPS Outstanding Plan B: Carissa Harvey
Legacy Scholarship, MAPS Outstanding Professional Contributions: Logan Dwyer

About the Scholarships

Tim and Sue Mowbray Scholarship  

Tim and Sue Mowbray established this scholarship in 2017 because they have witnessed the positive effect that can come from education. Tim received his Psychology B.A. and Master’s of Social Work degrees from UMD, and Sue worked in the college as a support staff in both departments during her 24 years of service at UMD. It is their hope that this scholarship helps students find success in school and their ability to succeed in the human service professions.

Awarded to full-time undergraduate students working towards a degree offered in the area of Psychology or Social Work.
Major: Psychology or Social Work
Other preferences: Must demonstrate financial need. 

Psychology Scholarship Fund

Established in 2005, this fund supports undergraduate Psychology students in good academic standing at UMD.

Merit based student scholarship for Psychology majors in good standing.
Major: Psychology
Other preferences: N/A

Kamal Gindy Memorial Scholarship 

Established in 2006, this scholarship honors Professor Kamal Gindy (1929-2006), who taught with great passion and ability for over 35 years in the UMD Psychology Department, mentoring hundreds of students until his retirement in 2001. Just as the department was an integral part of his life, Kamal was a vital part of the UMD community.

Awarded to full-time, undergraduate students pursuing a Psychology degree. 
Major: Psychology
Other preferences: GPA of 3.0 or higher and GPA of 3.25 or higher in major. Entering juniors or seniors only with a minimum of 48 credits. Must indicate goals in a statement, and how they embody Dr. Kamal Gindy's spirit of helping people, as well as how you will benefit from this scholarship.

Iver Bogen and Jane Maddy Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1997 in honor of Dr. Iver Bogen (1929-2012) and Dr. Jane Maddy (1931-2011) in recognition of their outstanding teaching in the UMD Psychology Department.

Awarded to a junior Psychology major based on future goals and academic performance.
Major: Psychology
Other preferences: Entering juniors only (62-86 credits).

EW Bohannon Merit Scholarship 

This scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Eugene W. Bohannon (1865-1955), who served as the Duluth State Teachers College’s first president from 1902-1938 and had gained stature as a defender of educational excellence during his distinguished career.

Awarded to recognize outstanding CEHSP students who are entering their senior year.  
Major:  All CEHSP
Other preferences: Entering seniors only. Selection based on cumulative GPA, as well as GPA within major, performance in extra-curricular activities and community involvement, as well as favorable work experiences.

Claudia A. Johnson Reaching Higher Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2010 by Claudia Johnson (Psychology and Sociology-Anthropology 1968) to support undergraduates pursuing research opportunities with faculty members. Claudia (1940-2011) saw the value in a liberal arts  education and wanted to enable future students the freedom to question and learn to think for oneself through the tradition of exploration and research.

Awarded to full-time, undergraduate students in good academic standing and majoring in Psychology. 
Major: Psychology
Other preferences: Must have experience working with UMD faculty on research apprenticeship opportunities and plans to continue working on projects with the faculty members throughout the scholarship award.

Legacy Scholarships

This scholarship was established in 1986 with the purpose of supporting both graduate and undergraduate Psychology students who are seeking new careers or returning to school from a gap in their career/education.

  • Undergraduate
  • MAPS Outstanding Plan B
  • MAPS Outstanding Professional Contributions

Anne S. Tsui Psychology Scholarship

Awarded to a full-time, undergraduate student in good academic standing and majoring in Psychology who has completed their first year of study. 
Major: Psychology
Other preferences: Must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Must be entering sophomore year or higher. Preference given to students who are able to demonstrate leadership in both their campus and their community through participation in activities such as but not limited to student organizations, community service or volunteer activities.

How to Apply

Applications will require submission of a recent UMD transcript, resume/CV, and a personal statement. The personal statement will need to speak to qualifications of the specific scholarship the student is applying for (students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships for which they are eligible). The scholarship and qualifications should be clearly identified in the personal statement. More information can be found on our CEHSP Scholarship Page.