Major Add or Drop form

This form is for current CEHSP students changing to another major within CEHSP. If you are currently in another college at UMD (CAHSS, SCSE, LSBE) and want to change to CEHSP,  complete a Change of College form located on One Stop. 

Minor Add or Drop form

Use this form to declare a minor in CEHSP.

Request to Change Catalog Year

Current students follow the catalog year of the year they entered UMD. Refer to the UMD Catalog for more information on catalog year policies. 

APAS Exception Form (PDF)

Download this form and open it with Adobe to access the fillable fields.

Request to Change Advisor

CEHSP students can request to change faculty advisors. First, the student connects with the faculty member they would like to request as their advisor. If the faculty member agrees to become the student's advisor, the faculty member fills out this form to have the change processed.

UMatter Exit Survey

UMD One Stop Forms