Student Experiences

In Their Words

Students in the M.Ed. program come from unique and diverse backgrounds. Learn more about program experiences through student comments. 

Sarah Butler

Sarah | M.Ed. | Financial Empowerment Educator 
My classmates in the M.Ed. program at UMD have made this program so meaningful. I've learned so much from my classmates and their diverse perspectives on education. We have come to support each other in our journey in this 2 year program.  It has given me the space and support to explore the topics in education that I've always been curious about. As a cis white person with privilege, I have gained tools to understand the issues that marginalized communities live through in education.  The cohort model has provided me with the support to finish my M.Ed. in two years. This was very important to me in a program.


James | M.Ed. | Educator 
UMD M.Ed. course work and my cohort peers have challenged my assumptions and expectations about teaching. After 20+ years teaching I had become content, this program invited me to reconsider, rethink, and reframe my work in the light of deep thinking and stimulating dialogues. The scope and pace of work have allowed me to continue to work full time while excelling in an arduous and rigorous M.Ed. program.  I admire the responsive and empathetic perspectives of the faculty and staff at UMD CEHSP. The task of joining a MED cohort 20 years after leaving college was daunting but each interaction with faculty and staff eased me into the process and after two years I feel totally seen and supported.

Tony | M.Ed. | Collegiate Athletic Coach 
The flexibility to incorporate so much of what I do professionally into my educative experience made the program very meaningful to me. Each semester has provided me with new insights into how I can coach and teach more effectively. The M.Ed. curriculum has also provided me with a platform for understanding my own strengths as a coach and educator.  Initially when I was identifying which master's program I wanted to undertake, I thought what I need was something very specific to my work as a collegiate coach. Upon entering the M.Ed. offered through UMD, I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to tailor the education and curriculum to my profession. Everything learned through the M.Ed. program has immediate applicability to many professions, not just teaching.

Ashley Maki

Ashley | M.Ed. | Educator 
The University of Minnesota Duluth and M.Ed. program staff are committed to providing quality education and supporting my success as a student. I am learning practical skills and gaining knowledge that I can apply both personally and professionally. I am thankful for the continued support and encouragement I receive from UMD and the M.Ed. program and the flexibility the program offers for full-time working professionals. I highly recommend the M.Ed. program.


Leigh | M.Ed. | 4-H Youth Program Coordinator
The M.Ed. program at UMD is meaningful for me because it has expanded my ways of thinking and understanding in relation to not only my professional work, but my daily life. I have met other passionate professionals dedicated to learning and working to improve our communities.  The M.Ed. program has helped me gain a deeper understanding of learning, educational practices, and synchronously working systems affecting education. I have developed a more comprehensive understanding of why and how pedagogy has developed and how learning and developmental concepts, theories, and practices are interrelated and the relevancy of them. I have been able to expand on my current work incorporating what I have learned, helping me grow as an educator and improve my practice.  The program is strenuous but is also tailored to (and understanding) of full-time working professionals and/or parents/families.