Public Health Students

The UMD Public Health program strives to develop professional, caring leaders who are committed to protecting and promoting the health of individuals, families, and communities. We prepare students to assess, plan, implement, evaluate, and manage programs that benefit individuals and communities, while communicating and advocating for health and the public health profession.

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The bachelor of applied science (B.A.Sc.) in Public Health prepares students to succeed as professionals in global employment or for the pursuit of advanced degrees. 

Study Abroad

Explore the possibility of a short-term or long-term study abroad opportunity! We have two short-term study abroad options led by public health faculty. 

  1. Italy: arts and health
  2. United Kingdom: holistic health and healing in England and Scotland

For more information on study abroad opportunities and how to apply, visit the UMD Study Abroad website.

Capstone Experiences

We provide capstone options that will allow you to tailor your professional development. Both internship and assistantship positions provide students with the opportunity to gain relevant experience for future careers. 

  • In an internship, Public Health majors apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom in a variety of settings within the community. 
  • In an assistantship, majors work under the direct supervision of a public health faculty member to further their undergraduate education in an applied manner and develop skills that may enhance future graduate education or employment opportunities.

To learn more about capstone procedures, see our capstone manual. For more information on potential internship sites, see our internship database. 


Every year, the UMD Public Health program participates in a Student Showcase for students to share the work they have been working on throughout the semester. During the event, students share this work with peers, family, alumni, faculty and other professionals in the field. This is a great opportunity for students to make personal and professional networking connections for future endeavors. 

To view previous UMD Public Health event pages, including Student Showcases, visit our events page on Facebook or check out the Spring 2021 Virtual UMD Public Health Student Showcase Links

Professional Development

Leadership and Student Groups

Students within our program have the opportunity to be a part of groups and organizations that support and aid in their professional development. Our program has its own student groups in addition to campus groups. These opportunities allow students to lead within the public health program, UMD campus, and the Duluth community. 

Community Service

Courses within the program offer students a chance to volunteer in the community and build fulfilling connections within various public health settings. You also have the opportunity to expand your experiences by volunteering on your own. Don't be afraid of getting involved! Your contributions make a difference to the Duluth community! Reach out to your faculty advisor for more information on possible volunteer opportunities.

Conferences & Networking Events

Students can attend and/or present at campus, state, national or international conferences for a range of professional organizations. They also have the option to attend job and grad school fairs. Opportunities will be shared with students via email and social media. Contact your faculty advisor for more information about these opportunities. 

Careers and Job Outlook

For more information on career paths and job outlook after graduation, visit our What is Public Health? page. Public health students will also learn more about possible careers within public health coursework. 

Graduate & Professional Schools

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in the Public Health Program prepares graduates to practice in a variety of sites including public health departments, non-profit organizations, hospitals, businesses, and educational institutions. 

As health education specialists, students are prepared to assess, plan, implement, deliver, administer, and evaluate health education programs that promote health and prevent disease. 
Popular Graduate School Programs for UMD students graduating with a Public Health (B.A.Sc.) degree include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Environmental Health & Safety 
  • Risk Control 
  • Education 
  • Public Health 

Popular Professional School Programs for UMD students graduating with a Public Health (B.A.Sc.) degree include:

  • Nursing 
  • Dental Hygiene 

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