Master's Degree

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The Master of Environmental Education program develops advanced practitioners in environmental education (EE) who will take on leadership roles through positions such as EE specialists and directors at nature centers, outdoor and EE centers, natural resource agencies, conservation groups, park and recreation programs, nature preschools, and in P-16 school settings. For those wanting to pursue careers in higher education, this program also successfully prepares students for entry into doctoral programs. Two plans are available (Plan B and Plan C).  Students in both plans take coursework in core foundations, a research methods course, and coursework pertaining to applications and/or teaching strategies.  Plan B students take additional research coursework and complete a research project.  Plan C entails only coursework (no research project).  Either plan can be completed in two years.  The MEEd program has been accredited by the North American Association for Environmental Education, and the student learning outcomes, coursework, and assessment are in alignment with these accreditation standards.