Master's Degree

Center for Environmental Education "Fostering environmental sustainability through environmental and outdoor education"

The purpose of this program is to develop advanced practitioners in EE who will take on leadership roles through positions such as EE specialists and directors at nature centers, outdoor and EE centers, natural resource agencies, conservation groups, park and recreation programs, and in P-16 school settings. Core requirements include teaching methodology in formal and non-formal settings; program development, management, and evaluation; theory; and research. Elective courses are used for supporting the final project and/or specific areas of interest. Through the electives, final project, and an optional practicum, there are opportunities to further focus or specialize your degree in areas such as education for sustainability, early childhood environmental education, indigenous learning, citizen science, and outdoor/adventure programming. Final project options for this Plan B Master's Degree include a research-based project or journal article, field project, or curriculum project. The degree is intended to be completed in two years, and a minimum of 34 credits is required. Coursework is offered primarily on-campus (in person); some electives are available on-line. Summer coursework is limited, and most students spend summers away from campus gaining relevant experience.  This program has been accredited by the North American Association for Environmental Education.


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