Upward Bound Vision Quest

What is Upward Bound Vision Quest?

Upward Bound Vision Quest is a college access program funded by the U.S. Department of Education and sponsored by the University of Minnesota Duluth. Upward Bound Vision Quest currently serves 135 students in grades 9 ­- 12 in Minneapolis and Duluth public schools. Upward Bound Vision Quest is designed to meet the academic and motivational needs of high school students who are from low income families and/or are potentially the first generation of their family to receive a bachelor's degree, and who want to go to college.

If you are a student at Denfeld High School in Duluth, or at Edison, Roosevelt, South, or Wellstone International High Schools in Minneapolis; and are interested in the Upward Bound Vision Quest program, please find the academic advisor based at your school for more information, or contact the Upward Bound Vision Quest office in Minneapolis or Duluth. Visit our staff page for contact information.