Advising & Academic Services

MaryLynn Garro, Stacy Seminara, Ann Miller, and Jodi Lieske
CEHSP Advisors: MaryLynn Garro, Stacy Seminara, Ann Miller, and Jodi Lieske

Our mission is to facilitate student learning, development, and success through effective and individualized advising & academic services.

The name of your assigned Academic Advisor can be found on your MyU > Academics Tab. You will have either a faculty advisor or professional advisor. Click on their name to see contact information.

If your assigned Academic Advisor is in the CEHSP Advising & Academic Services office, click on the name below to schedule a meeting:

  • MaryLynn Garro (Psychology & Social Work)
  • Jodi Lieske (Communication Sciences & Disorders, Integrated Elementary & Special Education, Unified Early Childhood Studies, Secondary Education)
  • Ann Miller (Environmental and Outdoor Education, Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Education, Public Health Education & Promotion)
  • Stacy Seminara (Undeclared & Individualized Integrated Major Program)

Tips for meeting with your advisor

  • Explore the links on this page, these are great resources at your fingertips
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor at least once a semester
  • Specify how you would like to meet when booking your appointment
  • Set up meetings with faculty advisors via email or phone with the faculty member

UMD Academic Advising Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students know and understand their talents, values, and interests.
  2. Students use information from credible sources in making decisions.
  3. Students effectively craft and revise education goals & plans.