2020-2021 CSD Department Committees

CSD Curriculum Committee:  Lynette Carlson*, Dana Collins, and Mark Mizuko.

Clinic Instruction Committee:  Ashley Weber*, Nena Johnson, Lynette Carlson, Lynda John, Michelle Hamski, Cole Peterson, Heidi Halker

The Clinical Instruction Committee is a standing committee that reports to the CSD Department. The purpose of the Clinical Instruction Committee is to advise and assist the department with continuous improvement of clinical education for improving student learning and achievement of standards for clinical practice. Charges:

  • Provide a forum for discussing and recommending best practices in clinical education
  • Advise on the continuous development of clinical education programs in the CSD Department
  • Serve as a resource on clinical education for the CSD Department

Marketing/Public Relations and Grant Writing Committee:  L. John*, L. Carlson, A. Weber, L. Marnich, TBD (UG Student), TBD (Graduate Student)

The mission of the marketing committee is to assist in obtaining monies to support clients coming to the RFP Clinic for services. Monies provide financial support for staff, supplies and tests. This support allows the RFP Clinic to provide enriching and educational experiences for graduate students. 

Strategic plan Focus: Area 1: Staff. We need a support staff that is sufficient to meet the needs of clients, students and faculty. Area 2: Community collaboration. There is a need in the community for services that are not being met.

This aligns with the department strategic plan, focus #2, Clinical Education.

UEA Representative(s): Lynette Carlson and Ashley Weber 

Community Advisory: Lynette Carlson*, Ellie Baker, Sheila Davidson, Angela Fellman, David Harper, Vicki Jacques, Rachel Komarek, Jack King, Nicole Lampi, Brenda Schrader-Johnson, Kent Brorson, Aubray Pontinen; CSD Students: TBD (UG Student),  TBD (1st Year Grad) and Brianna Stevensen (2nd Year Grad)

CSD Club Advisor: Kent Brorson; Club Officers: Alyssa Yourczek, President; Carli Christensen, Vice President; Kylie Weckwerth, Treasurer; Madi Brunner, Secretary; Angela Crelly and Megan Sellner; Events; Megan Jones, Student Rep. 

CSD Library Liaison: Jolene Hyppa Martin

Graduate Student Rep for CSD Department Meetings: Meaghan O'Connor

NSSHLA State Officer:  TBD

2020-21 CEHSP Committees

Executive Committee:
Ashley Weber - June 30, 2020
Academic Affairs Committee:
Lynette Carlson -June 30, 2021
Administrative Council:
Mark Mizuko
Department Head Group:
Mark Mizuko
Graduate Program Council:
Dana Collins - June 30, 2022
Technology Council:
Kent Brorson; Student Reps: Sage Heitz (UG) and Hannah Lauer (UG)
Dana Collins - June 30, 2022
Social Justice:
Lynda John - June 30, 2022

2020-21 Campus Committees

Chester Park Building Committee:
Linda Marnich

Graduate Council:
Dana Collins

Graduate Student Association:
Kate Hanson, Meagan O'Connor and Leah Spaeth

Faculty Senate:  Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities Subcomittee:
Sharyl Samargia Grivette - June 30, 2022

Information Technology & Library Committee:
Jolene Hyppa Martin - June 30, 2023

Teaching and Learning Committee:
Lynette Carlson (Fall 2019- Spring 2021)

** Ex-Officio Member