Mission, Vision, & Values


In the College of Education and Human Service Professions, we utilize our strengths to enhance the professional, personal, and civic lives of our students, colleagues, and communities. We engage with the diverse world through research, teaching, learning and through our commitments to make a difference in the lives of others and promote the advancement of the human service professions.


CEHSP creates an inclusive learning community rooted in our natural and cultural environments as part of the global community. We inspire transformational action to advance ideals of equity and sustainability, partnering with our students to build a more just future. We embrace dynamic and innovative approaches to create inclusive pathways supporting critical thinking and learning for the whole person as members of sustainable communities.



We value collaborative engagement, and the development of equitable and responsive partnerships, with communities in our region and beyond. This includes partnering in community-engaged learning, publicly-engaged scholarship, and dynamic relationships that serve both the college and the community.

Diversity/Intercultural Awareness

We affirm and value the diversity of people, cultures and perspectives. We are committed to advancing inclusivity and social justice on our campus and in society. This includes opportunities to practice cultural responsiveness and become culturally competent citizens with a focus on social justice.

Innovation and Discovery

We value discovery and dissemination of new knowledge as well as the development of new and creative ways of doing. This includes uncovering and co-constructing knowledge that is either new to the world or new to the individual through our scholarship and teaching. We promote innovation in our research, teaching, professions and our internal departmental and collegiate operations.

International and Global Connectedness

We value and embrace the interconnectedness and diversity of the world's peoples and histories. We commit to prepare our students to address the world's most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably, and sustainably. We engage across our respective disciplines, understanding how our national identities have informed our own limited and nuanced ways of being and to develop the capacity to be informed, open-minded, and responsive to diverse perspectives. We commit to an education that models how to evaluate the impact of systems, institutions and issues in local and global contexts and across cultures.

Learning and Holistic Development

We affirm the integrity of all persons and value learning and ways of knowing that support all aspects of our multifaceted lives. This includes critical and reflective learning that engages the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of the whole person.


We commit to support and enhance the development of practices that challenge systemic causes of environmental degradation. We prepare students to critically evaluate practices to further just engagement with our world by building our knowledge of the environmental, social, physical, psychological and economic needs of individuals and communities.