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photo collage of UMD Social Work alumni and faculty

Learn about the impact our alumni are making in their communities

Jodi Anderson, MSW (1999)
Social worker for Carlton County Public Health & Human Services for 27 years.

Sahgahsega Atkinson, MSW (2018)
Mental Health Therapist for Evergreen Youth & Family Services in Bemidji. Previously worked at Accend Services, Inc. as a psychotherapist and ARMHS worker.

Laura Brandt, MSW (2012)
Unique position at St. Louis County with youth aging out of foster care/minor parent program.

Bob Chilberg, MSW (1974)
Retired from the State of Minnesota after 35 years. Worked in licensing and mental health.

Callie Clark, MSW (2018)
Child Protection for White Earth Indian Child Welfare.

Michael D. Dickinson, MSW (2010)
Veteran Case Manager, St. Louis County

Ann Kutzler, MSW (2015)
Social Services Director, Benedictine Health Center. Has worked with UMD BSW and MSW students as a field supervisor and is impressed with their knowledge and skills!

ChaQuana McEntyre, MSW (2012)
Child Protection Services for St. Louis County and Founder of Family Rise Together, a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for fathers and families and specializes in eco-system building.

Muskadee Montano, MSW (2006)
Behavioral Health Clinician/Therapist for the St. Croix Tribe.

Timothy Mowbray, MSW (1976)
Worked for the state hospital system, provider services, acute health care administrator, national provider of affordable housing and CEO of a medical research company. Retired August 2019. Tim and his wife, Sue, started a scholarship fund for UMD social work students!

Katie Onofreychuk, MSW (2013)
Clinical Director for the Human Development Center.

Cynthia Seguin, MSW (2013)
Previously in the ICWA Unit at St. Louis County Child Protection; currently works in regular ongoing child protection.

Amy Sylvester, MSW (2005)
Intellectual Disability Case Manager for St. Louis County for 10 years; previously a case manager for children's mental health for 5 years.

Sandi (Davis) Vogel, MSW (2010)
Works for Carlton County in Children's Mental Health services for the past 12 years. Remarried in 2017 and has 6 grandchildren!

Ida Watson-Souther, MSW (2009)
Triage Social Work at St. Louis County.

Emily Weber, MSW (2018)
Case Manager for the Human Development Center.