Summer Program

Summer program is one of the most important parts of the Upward Bound experience and students are required to participate at least once during their time in the UBVQ program. Many students participate in several summer programs because they enjoy it so much. Summer program is provided to our program participants free of charge regardless of the number of years they participate ­ UBVQ students are encouraged and welcomed to participate every year!

The summer program is the heart of Upward Bound. The more often students participate in summer program, the more impact UBVQ has on them and the more prepared students are for college. 

UBVQ's summer program is a six week, residential academic program held on the University of Minnesota campuses. Each summer, part of the six weeks are spent on the Twin Cities campus and part on the Duluth campus. Students live in a dormitory, eat in the college cafeteria, and attend classes in college classrooms. These classes take place during the day and include English literature and composition, math, science, and language. Evenings are spent participating in large group recreational and learning activities. Students arrive on campus on Monday and return home on Fridays for the weekend. Transportation is provided to and from campus from designated pickup and drop-off sites.  

The Upward Bound Vision Quest summer program provides students with an opportunity to experience what life will be like when they go to college.