We consider UBVQ to be a family - the students, their families, and the staff. In this site, you will find information about UBVQ - what it is, what the mission and goals are, what services are provided, what is expected of you, important testing and registration dates, contact information, college and scholarship links and an academic year calendar.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."  ~B. B. King

What does UBVQ mean to you?

"Being in Upward Bound Vision Quest helps you not only get through high school, but also graduate from high school. It looks good on college applications too."  ~UBVQ Student Class 2013


“Upward Bound Vision Quest is really, really fun and its a great way to meet new people.  Also it is a wonderful program because the staff help you whether if its for school or any other problem and they believe in you and your dreams.”  ~UBVQ Student Class 2011


"UBVQ is a place where I can make new friends from different places.  Its a place where I feel like I have a whole new family"  ~UBVQ Student Class 2013


"To me, Upward Bound Vision Quest means striving towards your goals, whether they are short term goals or long term goals"  ~UBVQ Student Class 2014


"Upward Bound is a place I know will help me get to college and also help me succeed in high school."  ~UBVQ Student Class 2013


"Upward Bound is a strong support system, it's a place I can go to when I need help, to vent and get helpful information for college. It's a fun group and it goes to show me that I can make it to college, I can do this! =)”        ~UBVQ Student Class 2012