Student Expectations

Upward Bound Vision Quest program staff members work hard to help ensure the success of all students. The programs and services we offer through our academic year and summer programs provide excellent opportunities for students to excel in high school and prepare for college. However, we cannot do the job without the hard work of the students; all of our students are required to adhere to the following expectations. We will work with students to help them meet these expectations, but students are ultimately responsible for ensuring their own success.

Upward Bound Vision Quest expects students to:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Take a rigorous course of study (including at least one year of a language other than English).
  • Attend weekly individual assignment/progress review.
  • Set weekly academic goals.
  • Attend weekly College Access groups.
  • Attend monthly large group activities.
  • Attend residential summer program.
  • Graduate on time.
  • Enroll in college the fall following high school graduation.