Developmental Adapted Physical Education Minor

several people in wheelchairs playing basketball, facing the camera and giving a thumbs up

The DAPE is about empowering people with disabilities through movement, physical activity, aquatics, and sport. Students in this minor program will learn how to adapt and modify activities and skills for individuals with disabilities to promote health and well-being throughout their life span. Coursework focuses on both content knowledge and practical experiences so that students can apply what they have learned in school and community settings.

Why Minor in DAPE?

  • Students will learn firsthand how to teach fundamental motor skills, physical and recreational activities, aquatic skills, and competitive adaptive sports.
  • All students who complete the minor will have:
    • Transcript recognition (Milestone documenting SpEd: Developmental & Adapted K-12 Licensure completion)
    • At least 100 hours of DAPE practicum experience working with K-12 students (primary: preK & K-grad 4, middle: grades 5-8, and secondary: grades 9-12) and adults with disabilities in public school settings and community-based physical activity programs.
  • The minor prepares Physical Education teacher candidates to qualify for an add-on (endorsement) licensure conferred by the MN Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB). The added licensure broadens their scope of practice within the K-12 schools of Minnesota.
  • UMD is currently the only campus in University of Minnesota system that offers the DAPE licensure program.
college student using a beach ball to show a young child how to shoot the ball into a basketball hoop

DAPE Curriculum and Requirements

DAPE licensure

  • Subp. 2. Licensure requirements: The PELSB must issue a license in DAPE if the applicant meets the following requirements. 
  • An applicant seeking a license in DAPE pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 122A. 183, subdivision 2, clauses (1) and (3) must:
    1. hold or apply and qualify for a valid MN Physical Education teaching license; and
    2. show verification of:
      • completing a PELSB preparation program (UMD DAPE minor) approved under chapter 8705 leading to the licensure of teachers of DAPE in subpart 3; or
      • approval of a content portfolio aligned to the components in subpart 3.
college students practicing goalball in a gym