Advising & Support

Within our program, students work with both a professional and faculty advisor, who will help you make informed choices about which classes to take, how many credits to take, finding an internship, applying to graduate school, and seeking career paths. To meet with an advisor, students can make an individual appointment by emailing their assigned professional or faculty advisor.

Academic Advising

You and your education is important to us and we want to help guide you throughout your journey within the UMD Public Health Program. First, read more about our faculty advisors and learn how to set up an appointment. Your assigned faculty advisor can be viewed via: (a) MyU > Academics > My Classes > My Advisor section or (b) your APAS report.  Coming prepared for advising meetings is essential. Preparation can take the form of:

  1. Write down questions ahead of time.
  2. Consider courses you would like to take for the upcoming semester and be prepared to discuss them.
  3. Prepare or update your Graduation Planner.

While in your advising meetings stay attentive, take notes on suggestions and action steps. Work on updating Graduation Planner together. Be open to sharing what your experience has been in the Public Health program. 

Career Advising

After earning a degree in public health, there are endless possibilities. Along with academic advising, the faculty and staff at UMD assists students in post-graduation plans. For a complete list of options, view the public health job outlook.  Career and Internship Services, at UMD, is also available by appointment for post-graduate questions. As always, if you or your student have any questions or concerns, the public health faculty is always willing to lend a hand!

Support Services

We want to support our students in every way possible. We make it our goal to support students throughout their academic journey by promoting health and safety.  


  • Each student is assigned an advisor from the advising office to aid with academic concerns. 
  • The UMD Public Health Faculty is always willing to assist students! Your child can get in contact with the desired faculty via email, or by attending office hours. 
  • UMD Disability Resources helps students in creating an equitable and inclusive learning environment by providing accommodations, empowering students to become self-advocates, and by educating the campus community. 
  • The UMD Multicultural Center offers resources for students to get involved in political, social, and cultural issues in order to foster a state of belonging. 
  • The Writer's Workshop is located in the library and is a free service available for students in need of writing assistance! Students may book an appointment online for writing assistance. 
  • One Stop student services can help students and parents with financial questions. 
  • Workshops and other career and grad school events are offered on campus!


  • Health Services, an on-campus clinic located next to the dorms, provides free medical and counseling services for all UMD students. 
  • RSOP is UMD’s recreational program where students can go to the gym or get involved in a variety of activities, including intramural sports.


  • RA’s and RD’s are available for on-campus residents!
  • UMD’s Safewalk Program provides students with free escorting services, just call 218-726-6100!
  • We have our own police department to assist students and faculty!

Scholarships & Financial Aid

One Stop student services can help with any questions regarding tuition and financial aid. 

In addition, the public health program offers annual scholarships that students may apply for. Incoming students may be eligible for UMD-wide scholarships.