Fall 2022 - faculty and staff accolades

Highlighting the fall 2022 achievements of faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Service Professions.


Jessica Hanson, assistant professor, and Amy Versnik Nowak, associate professor, both in the public health program, published papers with colleagues at the Native Americans into Medicine Program, which is part of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine Duluth Campus.

Chuck Fountaine, professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, was named an associate editor for the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal. As a result, he is tasked with creating content for the long-running "Take Ten" column, which has appeared in each issue since the inception of the journal.

Hope Kitts, assistant professor of education, published “Critical Possibilities for Teacher Education” in Research in Education.

Kitts also published The Function of Freireian Utopia to Decolonize Teacher Education” in the book Radically Dreaming: Illuminating Freireian Praxis in Turbulent Times.

Daehyoung "DH" Lee, assistant professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and his colleagues published a paper titled "Effects of a Gamified, Behavior Change Technique-Based Mobile App on Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Anxiety in Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial" in JMIR Formative Research.  

Lee and his colleagues also published a paper titled "Concordance between Accelerometer-Measured and Self-Reported Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Adults with Autism" in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. 

June Lee, associate professor in Department of Applied Human Sciences, published "Promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior to prevent chronic diseases during the COVID Pandemic and beyond" in Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Suki Mozenter, assistant professor of education, wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to a Sept. 1 op-ed titled "Education in America: What is School For." 

Jodi Riek, associate professor in the Department of Education published “Reimagining homework” in the Early Childhood Teachers’ Association’s journal Educating Young Children.

Michael Young, assistant professor in the Department of Education, published "State-Defined Literacy and the Narrated Experiences of Three Elementary Teachers" in the October 2022 issue of Talking Points, a journal published by Literacies and Languages for All, a conference for the National Council for Teachers of English. 


Michael Young, assistant professor in the Department of Education, was awarded a Chancellor's Small Research Grant in support of his research project, "Toward a Justice-Orientation of Teaching and Learning: Excavating Identities, Histories, and Literacies of Teacher Candidates at a Predominantly White University."


The following staff were selected for the CEHSP Staff Award, which recognizes excellence in leadership on the job, customer service, and quality of service.

  • Iris Carufel, American Indian Learning Resource Center
  • Amy Madsen, Department of Social Work, Center for Regional & Tribal Welfare Studies


Jennifer Frisch, associate professor of education, presented “Nature Notebooks and Connecting with Community” at the Minnesota Science Teachers' Association Annual Conference in Duluth in November.

Jessica Hanson, assistant professor in the public health program, presented at the Alyce Spotted Bear and Walter Soboleff Commission on Native Children Virtual Hearing on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. This presentation is available online

Daehyoung "DH" Lee, assistant professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences, and his colleague presented a workshop titled “Infusing Adaptive Sports into The General Physical Education Curriculum” at the 2022 Move United Education Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.

Lee also gave an invited talk titled "Leveraging mHealth to Improve Physical Activity and Health in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder" at the Thought Leadership Virtual Summit on Aging in Autism organized by Autism Speaks.

Suki Mozenter, assistant professor of education presented "Sliding glass doors for those who want to stay inside: De-centering white supremacy with white readers" at the National Council of Teachers of English in Anaheim, CA.

Mozenter also presented "Dreaming and Doing: Antiracist Literary Advisory Board (A-LAB)" in Anaheim, CA with Assistant Professor Ariri Onchwari and CEHSP Librarian Kayleen Jones as well as Jayna Brown, Hailey Bownik, and Josh South (three student members of A-LAB and the Integrated Elementary & Special Education program).

Michael Young, assistant professor in the Department of Education, presented two presentations at the 2022 National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Convention in Anaheim, California. The first presentation, "I'm Queer, Not Profane: Disrupting Policy Mandates that Censor Readers and Reading," was a presentation as part of the Censorship Roundtable (Banned in the USA: Lighting a Fire for Reading and Not to Books). The second presentation was a paper presentation, "The Gaze We Feel: Literacy Teaching in the State of Surveillance." Additionally, Young's roundtable presentation, "State-Defined Literacies and Lives: Language and Power in Policies that Harm and Heal," was accepted as part of the Gender and Sexuality Standing Committee Mentorship Program for the Literacy Research Association (LRA) 2022 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional Accomplishments

Dana Collins, associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders had two presentations at the Annual American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in New Orleans. She was a co-author on a paper for her plan B advisee, Maddie Wells, titled “The Effect of Mask Use on the Prevalence of Voice Disorders in University Instructors.” Collins was also a co-presenter for a 1-hour seminar titled, “Impact of Oral Structural Variations on Speech Production in the Cleft/Craniofacial Population: Part 2.” Co-presenters were Sarah Vetter, MS, CCC-SLP and Sylvie Render, MS, CCC-SLP from the Ann and Robert H. Lurie, Children's Hospital of Chicago. This was an invited presentation and was sponsored by the ASHA Special Interest Group 5, Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders. 

Group of seniors with exercise science students and Chuck Fountain in the weight room

Chuck Fountaine and four Exercise and Rehabilitation Science students created and taught a course for UMD's University for Seniors program titled "Resistance Training for Seniors - Circuit Training for Balance, Mobility, & Strength." Participants were taught proper form and technique in a variety of resistance training exercises chosen to improve balance, function, mobility and strength. 

Hope Kitts, assistant professor of education, was interviewed about the meaning of power, authority and love for the podcast "Where We Meet: Conversations from New Mexico and Beyond," Taos Center for the Arts.

Jodie Riek, associate professor of education, was commissioned by the World Forum on Early Childhood and Care World Play Group to write “Advocating for Play: Debunking the Myths of Play” for the Early Childhood Teachers’ Association’s journal Educating Young Children.

Michael Young, assistant professor in the Department of Education, was invited to join the review committee for the Whippoorwill Award for Rural Young Adult Literature. The award's mission is to advocate for books that portray the complexity of rural living by dispelling stereotypes and demonstrating diversity among rural people.

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