Student spotlight: Kalei Kleive

Kalei Kleive is an Air National Guard member and second-year graduate student from the Department of Psychology.

Why did you choose UMD?

There are a couple of reasons I chose to attend UMD. First, I knew that my interests revolved around workplace burnout and employee wellbeing. A professor here at UMD, Dr. Julie Slowiak, had done research on these topics of interest, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn from her. Secondly, I am originally from Duluth and I love all the adventures the area can offer outside with my doggo. 

What do you like most about your programs?

It is great having classes specific to my ultimate career goals! Also, having professors and classmates that are supportive and encouraging of those goals has been empowering and motivating. 

What has it been like to serve in the Air National Guard while completing your degree?

UMD is a very military-friendly campus and I have received so much support from faculty and students within my program. Entering a two-year program knowing that you'll be gone for several months on deployment isn't the most ideal, but with the flexibility of the 148th Fighter Wing and UMD, I was able to make it work. I am excited to use what I have learned in this program within my role in the Air National Guard.

What are your career goals?

I would love to be an internal or external organizational/leadership development consultant.

What has been your most meaningful experience while serving?

There are so many meaningful experiences the military can offer! Having the opportunity to grow and serve with airmen that have been at the 148th Fighter Wing for years and those that have just recently enlisted has been great. It allows me to grow as a leader within the wing and also provides an opportunity to learn from people with a variety of experiences.

About the UMD Master of Arts in Psychological Science program.

Feature photo at the top is of Devin Kleive (Kalei's brother), Kalei Kleive, and their father Scott Kleive. All serve in the 148th Fighter Wing.