Grace Danielson (she/her/hers)

Grace Danielson
Professional Title
CEHSP Peer Advisor

Major: Social Work

Involvement on campus

  • CEHSP Peer Advisor

Fun facts about you

  • Myers-Briggs: ENFJ (The Protagonist)
  • Enneagram Type: 9 w 8
  • Zodiac: Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising
  • Clifton Strengths: Communication, Developer, Empathy, Woo (meeting new people and making friends), Maximizer (focusing on strengths to maximize personal and group excellence) 
  • I currently have 8 different plants in my room- I love getting new ones, researching about them, and talking about other people’s experiences with plant care!!

Why are you excited to be a Peer Advisor?

The thing I’m most excited about being a peer advisor is helping people by using my strengths where other people aren’t as strong. We all have personal strengths and weaknesses, and I strive to create a space where anyone can feel comfortable expressing their needs and where they can help. 

What is your favorite thing about UMD?

My favorite aspect of UMD is how many opportunities there are on and off campus. I love Duluth itself, being able to have beautiful nature around us to explore, but also having a town setting to find new and fun experiences. In addition to that, I love the opportunities on campus, there are so many different paths every student can take with specialized majors and minors, and so many clubs to get involved in.