Sandra van den Bosse

Sandra van de Bosse, UMD Social Work professor
Professional Title
Instructor | Bachelor of Social Work Program Director

Sandra van den Bosse, MSW, LGSW is a Dutch national who came to the United States in 2003 after working in human rights and international development in the former Yugoslavia, England, and the Philippines. 

Sandra's practice experience in the US has been concentrated in human rights and responding to domestic violence at both the micro and macro level. 

Sandra earned her MSW here at the University of Minnesota - Duluth (UMD's Land Acknowledgement) and was very happy that her graduate thesis on Child Welfare Professionals' Experiences of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence was published by the Child Welfare journal. 

Sandra's areas of interest include: social justice, system change, human rights, cultural responsiveness, global citizenship and family violence. 

Sandra loves teaching and working with students. Her office hours vary but she is always happy to set up an appointment. Email preferred. 

In her free time Sandra likes to hike, bird, and bike. She also enjoys teaching mountain bike skills.

She would like to acknowledge that both this country and her home country’s prosperity was built on the labor of kidnapped, trafficked and enslaved people. As in the case of grave injustices perpetrated against Native Americans I support, and will work for, reparations.