Program Outcomes

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate Program Outcomes

  • Students will explain theories of second language acquisition, including development of academic language and literacy development in a second language. (Educ 3100)
  • Students will identify language and content-learning goals and objectives based on curricula from a diverse range of content areas. (Educ 3100)
  • Students will use research and theories to analyze the dynamics of academic, personal, familial, cultural, social, and sociopolitical contexts on the education and language acquisition of emergent bilinguals. (Educ 4050)
  • Students will describe the impact of their identity, role, cultural understandings, and personal biases and conscious knowledge of U.S. culture on their interpretation of the educational strengths and needs of emergent bilinguals. (Educ 4050)
  • Students will design standards-based instruction for emergent bilinguals, using evidence-based, student-centered, interactive approaches, and adapting relevant resources. (Educ 3211 & Educ 4099)
  • Students will apply assessment principles to analyze and interpret assessments for emergent bilinguals, including classroom-based, standardized, and language proficiency assessments.  (Educ 3330)