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Environmental Education Certificate

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The Environmental Education Certificate is a 12-credit, post baccalaureate professional development program designed for those seeking to develop or enhance their knowledge of and skills in environmental education. The certificate is grounded in the North American Association for Environmental Education's Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators and administered by the College of Education and Human Service Professions. The Certificate can be completed in one year. This program can serve as a stand-alone, advanced-level training program, with completion of the 12 credits resulting in the Environmental Education Certificate.  In addition, this Certificate is designed to interface with the Master of Environmental Education Degree. Thus, some students enter the Certificate Program to gain needed foundational coursework and skills, and then apply to the Master of Environmental Education Program. If accepted, they can transfer up to 12 credits from the Certificate program toward their Master's degree, with approval of their graduate committee. Students with prior academic or professional experiences in EE tend to apply directly to the Master's program.  Because of the shared coursework, Certificate students and Master of Environmental Education graduate students participate in several classes together during their first year. For tuition and fee information and application information, please visit the UMD One Stop Website.

Admission requirements: Admission to the certificate program is generally approved for students who have successfully completed a bachelor's degree and have satisfactorily completed at least 70 percent of college courses attempted. An official transcript is needed in order for applications to be processed.

Student learning outcomes

Program requirements:

  • EnEd 5163 Outdoor Education Methods (3 credits; fall)
  • EnEd 5165 Theories and Models (2 credits; fall)
  • EnEd 5850 Classroom Applications (2 credits; fall)
  • EnEd 5343 Advanced Field Interpretation (3 credits; spring)
  • EnEd 5325 Sustainability Issues Investigation (2 credits; spring)

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