Meet Molly

Feb 20, 2023

Introducing Molly, an education and biology student who is assisting with CEHSP communications.

Howdy! My name is Molly Baumeister. I am a first-year double majoring in teaching life science and biology with a theater minor and I am from South Dakota. I am excited to be the new visual communications assistant for CEHSP!

I enjoy playing board, card, and video games with my friends and I use that as a big stress reliever. I also enjoy sewing and when the weather is nice I help my family garden. I am involved in vocal jazz here at UMD and am starting to get more involved in the SCSE Outreach program.

I hope to teach high school biology and environmental science because I find it crucial for people to know and understand the natural world, especially to motivate them to protect it. I am also interested in research and conservation efforts, so in the summers when I'm not teaching I want to volunteer to monitor the health of natural areas around me. 

This summer I have an internship at the South Dakota Outdoor Campus where I will get the opportunity to instruct outdoor skills classes and teach about conservation to groups of all ages. I am excited to test and hone my teaching skills as well as enjoy all the sun and nature I get to work in.

I am excited to work for CEHSP because it will be a great creative outlet for me as lab reports, unfortunately, don't utilize those skills. I am also excited because I will have some extra motivation to get involved with CEHSP events!