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Master of Education

Department of Education

Communicate. Empower. Investigate. Reflect. Lead. Evaluate. Inspire. Challenge. Learn.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) is a professional degree for teachers and those who work in the human and social service professions, community education, or post-secondary education.  The curriculum is based on the work done as teachers, leaders, and change agents in formal, non-formal, and community-based settings. Core courses are delivered primarily online with one face–to–face or online weekend session during the first month of each semester. This hybrid model makes earning a M.Ed. accessible while maintaining full-time employment.

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Program Information


Learners will develop skills in:

  • critical reflection
  • investigation and application of educational theory to practice
  • evaluation and effective communication of educational research
  • intercultural competence
  • development of and participation in communities of learners as professionals
  • leadership for educational reform


Student Experiences

James Carlisle  James | M.Ed. | Educator 
UMD M.Ed. course work and my cohort peers have challenged my assumptions and expectations about teaching. After 20+ years teaching I had become content, this program invited me to reconsider, rethink, and reframe my work in the light of deep thinking and stimulating dialogues. The scope and pace of work have allowed me to continue to work full time while excelling in an arduous and rigorous M.Ed. program. Read More
Leigh  Leigh | M.Ed. | 4-H Youth Program Coordinator
The M.Ed. program has helped me gain a deeper understanding of learning, educational practices, and synchronously working systems affecting education. I have developed a more comprehensive understanding of why and how pedagogy has developed and how learning and developmental concepts, theories, and practices are interrelated and the relevancy of them. I been able to expand on my current work incorporating what I have learned, helping me grow as an educator and improve my practice. Read More

Program Contact Information 

M.Ed. Director of Graduate Studies

Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Insoon Han


Brianne Vigen