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Department of Psychology

The Psychology Department is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Its purposes are to offer students a firm grounding in the discipline; to contribute to the liberal education goals of the University; to provide the community with people trained to apply psychological principles constructively; to prepare students for advanced study; to contribute to the advancement of psychology through research and other scholarly activities; and to enhance the professional development of the staff.

We have a site filled with on-line resources and tools to aid you in your research and development here at UMD. We have created this site with you in mind and hope that it will speed the process which we can provide you with information. If there is anything we can do to provide a better, more interactive and informative web site, please let us know.

Department Photo

Back to Front: Robert Lloyd, Uwe Stuecher, Christine Schilling, Catherine Reich, Katie Axford, Kathy Apostal, Turkan Ocal, Eric Hessler, Dustyn Leff, Julie Slowiak, Mallory McCord, Gargi Sawhney, Alexandra Luong, Lara LaCaille, Rick LaCaille, Ashley Thompson, Rebecca Gilbertson, RaeAnn Johnson (staff), Kathy Dowell, Karen Marsh, Carissa Harvey, Alisson Shea (staff), Keith Young, Carol Kivi, Ryan Hjelle

Not pictured: Sandra Woolum, Randy Gordon, Bud McClure, Sandy Woolum, Aydin Durgunoglu, Fay Maas