Mission, Vision, & Goals


In the College of Education and Human Service Professions, we utilize our diverse intellectual strengths to provide an education of enduring value for the professional, personal, and civic lives of our students. We engage with UMD and broader communities through our research, teaching, learning, and commitment to the advancement of the human service professions.


The College of Education and Human Service Professions promotes research and practice in the social and human sciences. Our collective teaching, scholarship, and service supports student development as engaged citizens, reflective learners, critical thinkers, and evidence-informed practitioners in a culturally-sensitive, socially-just learning environment.



Strengthen and develop community connections and engagement through collaboration, research, service, and participation.


Advance and support opportunities to become culturally competent citizens.

Support a positive and inclusive college climate by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice.


Support the development of global citizens who understand the complexities of living in a globally interconnected world.


Advance excellence in research that builds upon our shared values as expressed through the CEHSP mission and vision.

Student Success

Prepare and equip students to be critically reflective learners and practitioners.


Model and prepare students to critically evaluate sustainable practices to enhance economic, environmental, physical and social needs.